10 Things About Teeth That You Might Not Know

10 Things About Teeth That You Might Not Know

Everybody knows the main function of teeth, which is mechanically breaking down food by cutting and crushing them in preparation for swallowing and digestion. But a lot of people may not know the following list of 10 facts about teeth.

1. 50% of people say that a smile is the main feature they notice first in others.

2. American consumers buy toothpaste for 14 million dollars a year.

3. Most adults have 32 teeth. Mosquitoes have 47 and 25 snails have teeth on their tongues.

Teeth Numbers

4. The tooth enamel begins to form before birth. Baby teeth begin to form in the womb but they are visible when the baby is between 6 and 12 months.

5. Human beings have two sets of teeth during their life, sharks have 40.

6. Your mouth produces more than 25,000 liters of saliva a lifetime, enough to fill two swimming pools.

7. On average, a person spends 38 days to brush their teeth for life.

8. A third of the tooth is below the gum line.

9. The modern toothpaste as we know it today is only available since the last century. Prior to this invention, people used coal, chalk, ashes, lemon juice and honey and mixtures of tobacco for brushing teeth.

10. Dental enamel is the hardest part of your body.

The Beta Switch Review – Women Only Stubborn Fat Program

The Beta Switch Review – Women Only Stubborn Fat Program

The Beta Switch Plan

There is a fat loss program online called the Beta Switch that is designed for women who struggle with stubborn fat. I made this review of the program to help you get the full picture of it, and figure if it might be right for you.

Sue Heintze is the female fitness expert behind The Beta Switch. She is the top body transformation expert in Australia. Sue has coached over 36 winners and 9 Grand Champions of the nationwide transformation contest called BodyBlitz.

The Beta Switch Overview:

Creator : Sue Heintze.
Niche : Weight Loss and Fitness
Official site : TheBetaSwitch.Com
Support : Very Good and Fast Response.
Recommended : Yes Skill Level Needed: Beginners
Information On The Creator of The Beta Switch?

What Is The Beta Switch?

The Beta Switch is a weight loss program that is geared towards women who struggle with stubborn body fat. The program promises to help women quickly shed the most embarrassing trouble spot fat that has always seemed impossible to lose.

Sue Heintze Beta Switch Weight Loss Program

This training course includes a simple, step-by-step 12 week nutrition and lifestyle system that aims to turn stubborn female trouble spots into fat burning mode. It’s main focus is switching on your fat-burning beta receptors and switching off your stubborn-fat storing Alpha receptors.

Users of the the Beta Switch are promised an effective way to burn fat off the troubled spots on their body, such as your thighs, bum and the backs of your arms. The program is also not based on any any type of strict dieting or excessive exercise.

Who Will Benefit From The Beta Switch?

It is for you if you are a woman who is having problems with stubborn body fat. Scientific research now confirms that it truly is harder for women to lose their stubborn fat because stubborn fat is special. It contains up to 9X more Alpha receptors than Beta receptors. Therefore, the answer to your stubborn fat problems is found in learning how to activate those fat burning “Beta Receptor Switches”.

The Beta Switch Review conclusion:

In the end, why I highly recommend that you get your copy of the Beta Switch? Because it is a complete weight loss system that will show you how to set your diet and training in a special way that activates the fat burning Beta receptors.

Sue will also show you how to address your specific body type and hormones to maximize your weight loss results. So although the program is primarily focus on beta receptors activation for effectively burning off stubborn body fat, it is also a fully equipped weight loss program that follows all the fundamental rules for losing fat.

Not Eating Coconut? Here’s 8 Reasons You Should

Not Eating Coconut? Here’s 8 Reasons You Should

Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS, from draxe.com is a certified doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic and clinical nutritionist with a passion to help people get healthy by using food as medicine. So when he says that coconut is one of the best super foods available it’s wise to take his advice.

In the video below Dr. Axe takes you through 8 medically based reasons you should be consuming coconut every day. Here are the 8 reasons in summary:

1. Coconut increases fat loss within 1-3 months
2. It reduces the risk of alzheimer’s and can boost brain health
3. Helps wounds heal faster and is also effective at reducing cellulite
4. Coconut can help reduce yeast and candida
5. It can naturally boost testosterone levels in men and helps balance hormone levels in both men and women
6. Coconut helps balance both HDL and LDL cholesterol, which improves heart health
7. It increases nutrient absorption of fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin D, A and E
8. Coconut improves bone health

Watch Dr. Axe Explain Each Reason To Eat More Coconuts

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